Walk Your Way.

As a parent, you want the freedom to keep on moving, living life’s journey without compromise. You need to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it, your way.

For many years Quinny has designed and developed groundbreaking products that allow you to make the most out of daily life. Unique products, features and fabrics are all used to make a Quinny product the best it can be. So, if you are a forward-thinking parent who is always on the lookout for opportunities, loves their independence, and lives life to the fullest; you’ll find a Quinny product that suits you to a tee. Quinny. Walk your way.

Quinny Buzz Quinny Zapp

Quinny Buzz - Comfort and ease of use

The Quinny Buzz features a clever automatic fold that opens into a trulyversatile stroller. With the flexibility to carry a comfy car seat or a cozy bassinet - and a wide array of accessories for customization - it’s the ultimate combination of comfort for your child and ease of use for you.The Quinny Buzz lets you live your life, your way.

Quinny Zapp - Highly maneuverable and flexible

With its sleek, modern design and lightweight compact fold, theQuinny Zapp Xtra is ready to go wherever life takes you. In the car, on the bus, or onboard a plane; the Quinny Zapp Xtra lets you enjoy a hassle-free life with your child. Its reversible reclining seat allowsyou and your child to travel your way.

Quinny Moodd Quinny Accessories

Quinny Moodd - Comfort. Complete. Smooth.

The new Quinny Moodd is poetry in motion. This ultra-modern pushchairsystem offers the flexibility to get the most out of your day, everyday. It’s easy to fold for compact transportation; and at the push of a button, it automatically unfolds in seconds. Adaptable, complete and stylish, you’ll always be able to go wherever the Quinny Moodd takes you, your way.

Quinny Accessories - Wherever the road takes you

The Quinny Dreami bassinet attaches easily to the Quinny Moodd, Buzz, Senzz and Maxi-Cosi Foray LX giving your baby a fully reclined place to rest during the journey. A fleece footmuff provides an extra-cozy ride with the Quinny Buzz, Senzz, Moodd, Zapp Xtra and Maxi-Cosi Foray LX. Add a parasol to any Quinny stroller for extra protection from the sun. Whether you’re visiting friends or grandmother, Quinny gets you there your way.